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Milkwall is a village in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. It lies between the village of Sling to the south, and the town of Coleford to the north. Near the village is Perrygrove Railway – a private heritage railway. When you visit Milkwall, Walkfo brings Milkwall places to life as you travel by foot, bike, bus or car with a mobile phone & headphones.


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With 44 audio plaques & Milkwall places for you to explore in the Milkwall area, Walkfo is the world’s largest heritage & history digital plaque provider. The AI continually learns & refines facts about the best Milkwall places to visit from travel & tourism authorities (like Wikipedia), converting history into an interactive audio experience.

Milkwall history

There was at least one dwelling at Milkwall, situated on the Forest boundary in 1628. Mining for iron ore was taking place in the 1820s when Edward Protheroe opened up ore mines near Milkwall. An early tramroad to serve the mines was built by the Severn & Wye tramroad company to connect to their junction at Parkend.

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Visit Milkwall PlacesYou can visit Milkwall places with Walkfo Milkwall to hear history at Milkwall’s places whilst walking around using the free digital tour app. Walkfo Milkwall has 44 places to visit in our interactive Milkwall map, with amazing history, culture & travel facts you can explore the same way you would at a museum or art gallery with information audio headset. With Walkfo, you can travel by foot, bike or bus throughout Milkwall, being in the moment, without digital distraction or limits to a specific walking route. Our historic audio walks, National Trust interactive audio experiences, digital tour guides for English Heritage locations are available at Milkwall places, with a AI tour guide to help you get the best from a visit to Milkwall & the surrounding areas.

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Best Milkwall places to visit

Milkwall has places to explore by foot, bike or bus. Below are a selection of the varied Milkwall’s destinations you can visit with additional content available at the Walkfo Milkwall’s information audio spots:

Milkwall photo Old Bow and Old Ham Mines
Old Bow And Old Ham Mines (grid reference SO579088) is a 40.3-hectare (100-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Gloucestershire, notified in 1998.
Milkwall photo Wimberry Quarries
Wimberry Quarries (grid reference SO594121) is a 2-hectare (4.9-acre) nature reserve in Gloucestershire. The site is listed in the ‘Forest of Dean Local Plan Review’ as a Key Wildlife Site.
Milkwall photo Clearwell Caves
Clearwell Caves, at Clearwell in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, is a natural cave system which has been extensively mined for iron ore. The caves are part of a Natural England designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Milkwall photo Tudor Farm Bank
Tudor Farm Bank (grid reference SO573081) is a 3.68-hectare (9.1-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Gloucestershire, notified in 1999.
Milkwall photo Spion Kop Quarry
Spion Kop Quarry (grid reference SO598103) is a 0.7-hectare nature reserve in Gloucestershire in the Forest of Dean. The site is listed in the ‘Forest of Dean Local Plan Review’ as a Key Wildlife Site (KWS)
Milkwall photo Nagshead SSSI
Nagshead SSSI is a 297 acres (120 ha) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest located in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. It is listed in the ‘Forest of Dean Local Plan Review’ as a Key Wildlife Site.
Milkwall photo Darkhill Ironworks
Darkhill Ironworks and Titanic Steelworks are internationally important industrial remains associated with the development of the iron and steel industries. They are located on the edge of a small hamlet called Gorsty Knoll, in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.
Milkwall photo Clearwell Castle
Clearwell Castle in Clearwell, Gloucestershire, was built by Thomas Wyndham to the designs of Roger Morris in 1727. It is the earliest Georgian Gothic Revival castle in England predating better-known examples such as Strawberry Hill House by over twenty years.
Milkwall photo Slade Brook
Slade Brook (grid reference SO564055) is a 3.63-hectare (9.0-acre) biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Gloucestershire, notified in 2003.
Milkwall photo Newland Oak
The Newland Oak was a veteran oak tree in Newland, Gloucestershire. Originally part of the ancient woodland of the Forest of Dean. It survived clearances that created the settlement of Newland and was pollarded for timber. Much of the tree fell in 1955 but a single branch survived until 1970 when it was killed during an arson attack.

Visit Milkwall plaques

Milkwall Plaques 1
Milkwall has 1 physical plaques in tourist plaque schemes for you to explore via Walkfo Milkwall plaques audio map when visiting. Plaques like National Heritage’s “Blue Plaques” provide visual geo-markers to highlight points-of-interest at the places where they happened – and Walkfo’s AI has researched additional, deeper content when you visit Milkwall using the app. Experience the history of a location when Walkfo local tourist guide app triggers audio close to each Milkwall plaque. Explore Plaques & History has a complete list of Hartlepool’s plaques & Hartlepool history plaque map.