How Walkfo Audio Guide & Walking Tours Work

Walkfo’s unique AI technology creates audio guide & walking tours dynamically as you walk. Unlike other pre-defined audio guide & walking tours, Walkfo’s database has 1,000,000’s of audio facts across the whole of the UK, that allows you to walk wherever you want to create the audio guide by your walking.

And if you are too far away from geo-cached facts, Walkfo audio guide can automatically tell you ‘regional’ facts as part of your walking tour on a county, city based or district level, so you never miss out on interesting information as you walk, wherever you are.

Walkfo really is that smart. It is currently generating thousands of new audio walk tour facts every week as our AI learns new information about UK’s cities, towns, buildings, important people, lakes, forests, castles, churches, mountains, bridges, stations, hillforts, listed buildings, schools … you get the idea!

Audio Guides & Walking Tours in UK, England, Scotland & Wales

If you’ve already used an audio guide or walking tour in a museum to wander around / explore as you wish, you have a good idea of how Walkfo works – but with Walkfo being an audio guide to the ‘outside world’. Your walking tour can take you anywhere you want, to create a personalised audio tour on the fly. You don’t need a tour guide or travel book because Walkfo will pull interesting information to be delivered to you in audio form as you walk past specific places of interest. You can tune the way you hear facts and the type of facts you hear using Walkfo’s settings menu.

Walkfo Audio Tour Settings
Walkfo Audio Tour
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Why dynamically created audio guides & walking tours are the best …

Taking a walking tour in London can be prescriptive – with a specific route & timetable. Using Walkfo’s dynamic audio tours, you are truly free to be in the moment, exploring the places that are of interest to you, as you see them around you.

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