Perfect for lockdown walks

Walkfo has been active on the Apple Store for 24 hrs now and we’ve just pushed for submission a minor revisions aimed at making lockdown walks more interesting by adding additional walk statistics in addition to audio facts for daily, healthy lockdown walks .

When Walkfo was originally developed as a concept, it was to help people with mental health and physical wellbeing during Coronavirus lockdown. Daily health walks were being encouraged & promoted by the government. This is still true today, even though lockdown is being eased, and a daily walk has significant health benefits.

With that in mind, the ‘Your Progress’ section of Walkfo has been improved and now uses mobile devices pedometer for more accurate walk distances & step counts which the breakdown of information in following example for a lockdown walk in London:

Walk Name: London Audio Walk
Walk Distance: 1,700M
Walk Steps: 4,000
Walk Duration: 1hr 1min
Walk Facts Heard: 45
Walk Next Fact: London, London Eye
Walk Facts Available: 15,889

Dynamic Audio Lockdown Walks Anywhere in the UK