Create free audio walks / maps with Walkfo Creator

Walkfo Creator
makes audio walks / outdoor museum guides free, easy & quick. You can add your own ‘public’ audio walk to the millions of travel & history walk facts available in the UK (with other countries being processed as people travel & visit them).

Start from scratch creating a new audio walk / outdoor museum or convert an existing printed or PDF walk into an Walkfo audio-walks in under 3 minutes:

nature-trail walk

famous people walk

history walk

garden-guide walk

architecture walks

literary walk

tourist POI walk

Publishing audio walks is free for Walkfo users and using our unique ‘bump into’ technology, Walkfo users are instantly alerted as they pass any of your walk spots that they can join in and experience your content.

Create free audio walks & maps for tourists & ramblers in iOS & Android walking app Walkfo.

Create a free Audio Walk or Outdoor Museum

  1. Download Walkfo App for Apple or Android

  2. Create account in Walkfo Creator + add details about your walks including your branding / marketing* (a nature trail, garden tour, history walk, etc)

    1. Click ‘Add New Walk Spot’

    2. Click on Map – to automatically create the geo-located ‘spot’

    3. Enter ‘Walk Spot Name’ – will be ‘read’ before each content item

    4. Enter ‘Spot Content’ – add the text to the Walkfo ‘spot’

    5. Preview – preview what walk ‘spot’ will sound like

    6. Save Walk – you can edit content anytime afterwards

  3. Clicking ‘Save Walk’ will automatically >>

    • Generate real-voice audio from your content

    • Create a shareable Walkfo code code unique to your walk

Tourist on cycle or walk listening to earphones through mobile for tourism information

What isWalkfo Professional?

Walkfo offers a Professional Author option for tourist destinations, so visitors can access multiple walks at a location with a branded version of Walkfo for free for use.

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Give us a call on 0797 0793 933 to find out more about how we can help you deliver a unique guided audio walks experience to your visitors for free.

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