Walkfo Free audio guide app | AI travel guide to UK places to explore, things-to-do & world’s largest historical plaque resource

Free audio guide app | AI travel guide to UK places to explore & things to do whilst walking / travel on vacation, staycation or holiday. Walkfo is the world’s largest historical plaque resource, that guides you in audio story form (as per an in-person tourist guide) about places you explore. With the Walkfo AI processing since 2020 to create millions of geo-cached historical, cultural & people facts the UK (and rest of the world)!

Explore where you want – and Walkfo UK travel AI will automatically tell you about the history, facts & things-to-do in the places you visit.

Free download available from Apple App and Google Play store with ten hours free initial use*, then just £1.99 per month for Walkfo UK. Walkfo can replace tour guide & travel books in one simple app.

Walkfo UK is perfect companion for taking on ramblers walking holidays, trekking tours or staycations in England, Scotland & Wales.

Walkfo UK AI travel guide Audio Walk App is just £1.99 per month
*free walk time limited to 10 hrs

Worldwide Facts

Walkfo audio walks app enables tourists & travellers to walk, ramble & trek wherever they want with a virtual tour-guide for interesting facts & history about places as you walk past them virtually everywhere on the planet, though Walkfo UK is focused on walking staycation facts for the moment

Travelling Mindfulness

Facts are delivered by audio with no need to look at your screen, allowing you to be in the moment, walk more safely & appreciate the world around you as never before

IOS & Android Compatible

Works with Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices through EarPods, bluetooth headphones or speakers

Adjustable content

Walkfo allows you to set how close to geo-caches you need to be to trigger audio, how often you hear general region facts & the type of facts that are of interest to you

First AI audio walks app & travel-guide

Walkfo makes everyday travel interesting with AI generated history & facts about the places you visit, allowing you to throw away your travel guide book and enjoy the moment, as Walkfo travel guide AI tells you about places you go past, whether walking, driving or on public transport.

Walkfo – just take a walk wherever you want to hear your unique travel story

Leave the tour guide behind, throw away travel books and stop ‘watching your phone’ whilst visiting exciting destinations because Walkfo will create a unique audio ‘walkcast’ dynamically, so you can be in the moment as you see & explore the world around you … without looking at your screen and missing a thing.

And if you happen to walk past a Walkfo Public Walk spot, you will be alerted to the option to join a themed walk you can follow. These are created by a fellow Walkfo users, with every Walkfo subscriber able to create & publish their own ten location walk for the public to enjoy.

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Cool Walkfo stuff

Millions of historical, cultural & geographical geo-cached facts

The Walkfo AI is out there gathering more & more facts every minute; of every hour; of every day; of every month; of every year. That means lots of facts in Walkfo for you today and it grows all the time. As cool new things happen, new history is discovered, as changes in society occur, we capture it in Walkfo.
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Smart AI learns what information you love

The like / dislike functionality for facts enables the AI to continually learn what facts & information people like all over the world, helping us build better, more interesting audio experiences all the time.

Audio-only experience makes for better travel experiences

By focusing on an audio-only experience, Walkfo allows you to be more in the moment during your travels, so you can experience & get a better understanding of the world around you without looking down at your phone.

Both local and international facts

For many of us, ‘staycations’ are going to become our usual holiday experience, and Walkfo creates a more enjoyable holiday even when staying at home in UK and visiting the capital city (e.g. London) or beachside resort (e.g. Bournemouth) or ancient monument (e.g. Stone Henge) or old village (e.g. Windsor). Walkfo has it all, available to you instantly.

Adjustable Walk-past Sensitivity

You choose how close to something you need to be in order to hear facts, so when you are in a city, you can choose being within 20m of something to trigger audio and whilst in the countryside, when you might not be able to get so close to the things that interest you, you can choose 200m.

Walkfo 'remembers' what you've heard

Walkfo remembers which facts you’ve already heard and will play new facts about locations even if you walk past them many times. This means you can do a walk over and over and get different information each time you do that walk.

Walkfo is free to download with first ten hours of travel / tourism facts for free – with unlimited access to tour guide content with a subscribe of £1.99 p/m after trial period


At Walkfo, our aim is to make the world a richer place through digital technology. By combining AI technology to ‘learn’ the right information & facts people like with sophisticated geo-caching with advanced voice synthesis technology, Walkfo is a completely new experience – a walkable podcast that reacts to where you are whether walking, cycling, driving and on public transport – locally or away from home.