For history buffs & curious travellers, Walkfo Author provides a simple way for experts & enthusiasts to create unique content in Walkfo in themed ‘outdoor museums’ audio guides.

Outdoor Museum Audio Guide Headset on Man

The concept behind the Walkfo App is based around the audio headsets / audio guides that are provided at museums or art galleries (usually with a charge). Now, using a mobile phone & earphones or EarPods, a user can explore anywhere outside to access millions of historical & cultural facts without being limited to specific geographic locations.

The addition of ‘outdoor museum’ authoring functionality to allow users to create their own ‘outdoor museum’ content which can be offered for free (with links back to marketing to help build branding, Instagram followings, etc).

For public gardens, national monuments & other outdoor tourist destinations, Walkfo offers a new & unique way to market tourist destinations, providing a richer experience for visitors.

Outdoor Museum Audio Guide App & Woman with Headset or Headphones Listening to Outdoor Museum

Walkfo Outdoor Museums & Covid

By creating a Walkfo Outdoor Museum, tourist destinations can respond to the challenges of Covid restrictions & risks, functionality for ‘public walks’ authoring has been created to easily and quickly create audio tours of outdoor spaces, with the benefits of:

– Encouraging visitors to utilise outdoor rather than indoor spaces
– Eliminating need to provide (and sanitise / manage) headsets or technology for visitors
– Reducing face-to-face contact / need for guides to gather people in groups

Public Spaces, Guided Walks & Outdoor Museums

Walkfo ‘outdoor museum’ authoring functionality doesn’t require a users to have ownership of an outdoor space. Users can create a public walk / outdoor museum in any publicly & legally accessible place, perfect for history buffs & enthusiasts to provide an interesting channel for their knowledge to be shared in an engaging experience.

Outdoor Museum Author Screen Shot

Create An Outdoor Museum Now …

You can start creating an outdoor museum now by downloading the Walkfo App to test facts in your area and the BETA VERSION of the Walkfo Author is now available online here.