The Bournemouth Walk app:

Locals & tourists visiting Bournemouth or taking a Bournemouth walk for fresh air can now explore Bournemouth simply by walking outdoors to experience the rich & varied history of Walkfo’s ‘100 amazing Bournemouth places’ audio walk / outdoor museum.

Bournemouth Walks | Bournemouth Audio Walk & Outdoor Museum Map

Free Bournemouth Walk / Audio Tour for Bournemouth Tourists & Locals

Available for free through Walkfo, this carefully researched outdoor audio walk is packed full of interesting facts spanning 200 years of history (and including some pre-historic, Iron Age & Roman facts). Created by Jan-Erik Paul, a Bournemouth local with a passion for antique Dorset maps & local history, the Bournemouth audio walk provides a freely explorable outdoor museum with amazing unique facts, places & history about Bournemouth, such as:

– the longest fireman’s pole in the UK (+ why it’s so long)
– Queen Victoria’s surgeon influence in pine tree forests
– location of the stone-age reindeer camp
– smugglers secret hiding places up chimneys

Old Bournemouth Walk Map
Old Map of Bournemouth Walk Area

How to experience ‘100 Amazing Bournemouth Places’ outdoor walk

Walkfo tourist audio walks & outdoor museum app is free to download from Apple App Store and Android:

  Apple App Store     Google Play Store

The ‘100 Amazing Bournemouth Places’ walk will automatically started when you pass any of the audio spots whilst running the app (with it’s millions of pre-populated walkable facts), so you can experience the complete picture about Bournemouth & Dorset.

You can manually activate the audio walk by entering in code mxrb via settings to instantly see all the audio spot destinations on the map, so you can navigate as you wish.

Bournemouth Walks | Walkfo Travel & Tourism App showing Bournemouth Walk on screen with lady with headphones or EarPods listening to the audio tour
Bournemouth Walk | Audio Walk & Outdoor Museum App’s Guide to Bournemouth Facts & History