Walking holidays with Walkfo

Our aim with Walkfo is to turn any location into a walking holiday or guided walk. How often have you been on a local walk or been exploring your neighbourhood and wanted to know more about the area / specific points of interest? Or gone on holiday, out for a walk without a guide book and wanted to know more about what you see?

Walkfo dynamically creates an interactive walkable experience that you control – just by walking where you want whilst you are on holiday. You are completely free to explore where you want, at your own pace – and Walkfo will create a walking holiday from where you go.

What information does Walkfo have for your walking holiday?

We are currently generating 100,000+ new audio facts across the whole of the UK every week with the aim of achieving one millions facts for users by June 2021. Our unique AI algorithm gathers and organises information about a HUGE variety of physical locations (statues, blue plaques, historic monuments, English Heritage locations, ruins, National Trust sites, parks, public gardens, manor houses, ghost towns, stone age sites, castles, churches, bridges, lakes, pubs, cottages, beaches … to name a few!) The facts about a location are broken down into easy to listen-to sound bites around 30 seconds on average in length, with multiple facts for each location.

Walkfo goes even further than just location specific facts (or spots, as we call them). Walkfo also creates regional information on a high level about the area, perfect for an overview of the area you are visiting on your walking holiday. Regional information is gathered on a county level (Dorset, has 35+ regional audio bites with an average of 10+ facts per audio bite) or city level (Bath, has 100+ city audio bites with an average of 5+ facts per audio bite). And regional facts are in addition to the spot facts in any area!

That is why Walkfo is able to turn any walking holiday into an interesting & informative experience that you can control completely yourself (you can set the types of facts you wish to hear using the settings menu).

Walking Holiday Facts Settings in Walkfo
Walking Holiday Facts Settings in Walkfo