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Fulford was the site of the 11th century Battle of Fulford. The population of the civil parish at the 2011 census was 2,785. It is home to Imphal Barracks, headquarters of the British Army’s 15th Infantry Brigade. When you visit Fulford, North Yorkshire, Walkfo brings Fulford, North Yorkshire places to life as you travel by foot, bike, bus or car with a mobile phone & headphones.


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With 256 audio plaques & Fulford, North Yorkshire places for you to explore in the Fulford, North Yorkshire area, Walkfo is the world’s largest heritage & history digital plaque provider. The AI continually learns & refines facts about the best Fulford, North Yorkshire places to visit from travel & tourism authorities (like Wikipedia), converting history into an interactive audio experience.

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Fulford, known as “Fulford Gate”, was a village in the parish of Fulford Ambo in the East Riding of Yorkshire and the Wapentake of Ouse and Derwent. The former church, St Oswald’s Hall, was built about 1150, on a site near the Ouse, west of the current village centre. Cavalry barracks were established in Fulford as early as 1795 but have now been largely demolished.

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Visit Fulford, North Yorkshire PlacesYou can visit Fulford, North Yorkshire places with Walkfo Fulford, North Yorkshire to hear history at Fulford, North Yorkshire’s places whilst walking around using the free digital tour app. Walkfo Fulford, North Yorkshire has 256 places to visit in our interactive Fulford, North Yorkshire map, with amazing history, culture & travel facts you can explore the same way you would at a museum or art gallery with information audio headset. With Walkfo, you can travel by foot, bike or bus throughout Fulford, North Yorkshire, being in the moment, without digital distraction or limits to a specific walking route. Our historic audio walks, National Trust interactive audio experiences, digital tour guides for English Heritage locations are available at Fulford, North Yorkshire places, with a AI tour guide to help you get the best from a visit to Fulford, North Yorkshire & the surrounding areas.

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Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Woodthorpe, North Yorkshire
The name Woodthorpe is generally used for the areas south of Acomb Wood and east to Moorcroft Road and Acorn Way. To the east is Dringhouses, to the north is Foxwood, and to the west is Acomb Park. In January 2017 Katie Rough was killed by asphyxiation and stabbed in the neck near her home by a 15-year-old female.
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Dringhouses
Dringhouses is a suburb, formerly a village, in York, England. It is bounded by the Knavesmire, an open area of land on which York Racecourse is situated, to the east, Askham Bog and the A64 to the south, Woodthorpe and Foxwood to the west, and Acomb and Holgate to the north. The name derives from “Drengeshirses” and means “the houses of the drengs”
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Clarence Street
Clarence Street is a former rugby stadium in York, England. From 1885 until 1989 it was the home of York F.C. (later York R.L.F.C.) The site is now housing.
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo York St John University
York St John University (originally established as York Diocesan College), often abbreviated to YSJ, is a public university located on a large urban campus in York, England. It achieved university status in 2006 and in 2015 the University was given research degree awarding powers for PhD and doctoral programmes.
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Wandesford House
Wandesford House is one of twelve still-functioning almshouses in York, England. Built in 1739 and opened in 1743, the house is an important example of the classical style in the city. The almshouse is listed by Historic England as a Grade II* building.
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Gillygate
Gillygate is a street in York, in England, immediately north of the city centre. It is located north of York’s city centre and is located in the centre of the town. The name of the street is “Gillygate” and “Gillgate”
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Ogleforth
Ogleforth is a street in the city centre of York, in England. It is one of the streets in the centre of the city and is located in the north of York.
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Duncombe Place
Duncombe Place is a street in the city centre of York, in England. Duncombe Street is one of the streets in the centre of the city.
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Monkgate
Monkgate is a street in York, North Yorkshire running north-east from the city centre. It is one of the main streets in the North Yorkshire city of York.
Fulford, North Yorkshire photo Petergate
Petergate is a street in the city centre of York, in England. It is divided into High Petergate and Low Petergate. The well-known view of the Minster is described by the City of York Council as “excellent”

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Fulford, North Yorkshire has 156 physical plaques in tourist plaque schemes for you to explore via Walkfo Fulford, North Yorkshire plaques audio map when visiting. Plaques like National Heritage’s “Blue Plaques” provide visual geo-markers to highlight points-of-interest at the places where they happened – and Walkfo’s AI has researched additional, deeper content when you visit Fulford, North Yorkshire using the app. Experience the history of a location when Walkfo local tourist guide app triggers audio close to each Fulford, North Yorkshire plaque. Explore Plaques & History has a complete list of Hartlepool’s plaques & Hartlepool history plaque map.