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Effingham is a small English town in the Borough of Guildford in Surrey. The town has been chosen as the home of notable figures, such as Sir Barnes Wallis and Toni Mascolo. The M25 motorway is 4 miles (6.4 km) north-west of the middle of the town which mostly consists of new build homes. When you visit Effingham, Surrey, Walkfo brings Effingham, Surrey places to life as you travel by foot, bike, bus or car with a mobile phone & headphones.


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Effingham, Surrey history

Late Stone Age

Part of the North Downs Way or Pilgrims’ Way was an important prehistoric thoroughfare in Britain. It was used by early traders of flint and stone implements and there is evidence of stone age flint mining.

Roman times

A Roman coin featuring Emperor Tiberius (r. AD 14–37) and his mother Livia was found in Effingham in 1970 by Dr Sutton in land being prepared as rugby fields. It is not known whether the coin was dropped on the land by a passing Roman or arrived in chalk from nearby Horsley.

Anglo-Saxon period

Effingham appears in Domesday Book of 1086 as Epingeham. It was held by Osuuold (Oswald) from Chertsey Abbey and Richard Fitz Gilbert. Its domesday assets were: 4½ ploughs, 5 acres of meadow, herbage and pannage worth 18 hogs.

Medieval period to 18th century

Effingham, Surrey Medieval period to 18th century photo

Effingham Golf Course is located on the site of a Regency mansion which is the clubhouse to Effingham golf course. The main manor house and lands were owned by Lord William Howard (the Lord High Admiral, and later 1st Baron Howard of Effingham) who commanded the English fleet against the Spanish Armada. The mentioned regency mansion/clubhouse contains a large, intricately carved oak fireplace in the Armada room, dated 1591.

19th century

Effingham, Surrey 19th century photo

Effingham Manor Golf Club was designed by Harry S. Colt. The club has one of the largest man-made lakes in the county which is used to water the course during droughts. The clubhouse, previously known as Manor House, is Georgian in style.

20th century

Sir Barnes Wallis lived with his wife Molly in Effingham for 49 years. The inventor of the bouncing bomb breached the Eder and Mohne dams in WWII. He also designed airships including the R100 and applied geodetic construction methods to aeroplanes. Effingham featured in the 1971 comedy film She’ll Follow You Anywhere.

Effingham, Surrey landmarks

The Red House was built in 1893 for Susan Muir-Mackenzie, a mutual friend of Gertrude Jekyll. The house later became Corpus Domini Convent and was converted to apartments in 2008.

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Effingham, Surrey photo Church of St Mary, Fetcham
St Mary’s Church, Fetcham, Surrey, is a Church of England parish church (community) but also refers to its building which dates to the 11th century, that of the Norman Conquest. It is set off the residential road of its address, The Ridgeway, behind a small park, in the suburban part of the largely 20th century railway settlement adjoining the M25 London Orbital Motorway.
Effingham, Surrey photo Sheepleas
Sheepleas is a 99.9-hectare (247-acre) biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is a Geological Conservation Review site and a Local Nature Reserve.
Effingham, Surrey photo Horsley Towers
The East Horsley estate was later sold to William King-Noel, 1st Earl of Lovelace. The house was designed by Charles Barry for the banker William Currie in the 19th century. The Towers was purchased by Thomas Sopwith, the aviator and businessman, in 1919.
Effingham, Surrey photo Effingham Hundred
Effingham Hundred or the Hundred of Effingham was a hundred but often treated as a half-hundred with that of Copthorne (to the east and north-east) and was the smallest in Surrey.

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