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Dysart is a former town and royal burgh located on the south-east coast between Kirkcaldy and West Wemyss in Fife. The town was once part of a wider estate owned by the St Clair or Sinclair family. The first record of the town was made in the early 13th century, its initial role was to settle civil matters between the church and landowners. When you visit Dysart, Fife, Walkfo brings Dysart, Fife places to life as you travel by foot, bike, bus or car with a mobile phone & headphones.


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Dysart, Fife history

The name of Dysart derives from the Scottish Gaelic, dìseart, meaning “a hermitage or religious retreat” The first port has been said to date as far back as 1450. The salt trade prospered between the town and its two trading partners – Netherlands and the Baltic Countries with production thriving between 1570 and 1630.

Dysart, Fife landmarks

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Dysart Tolbooth on the High Street, erected in 1576, is the centrepiece of Dysart’s historic buildings. Other significant landmarks in the town include the six-storey St Serf’s church tower and the harbour. Many of the houses have been restored by the National Trust for Scotland between 1968 and 1969 under the “little houses scheme”

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Visit Dysart, Fife PlacesYou can visit Dysart, Fife places with Walkfo Dysart, Fife to hear history at Dysart, Fife’s places whilst walking around using the free digital tour app. Walkfo Dysart, Fife has 17 places to visit in our interactive Dysart, Fife map, with amazing history, culture & travel facts you can explore the same way you would at a museum or art gallery with information audio headset. With Walkfo, you can travel by foot, bike or bus throughout Dysart, Fife, being in the moment, without digital distraction or limits to a specific walking route. Our historic audio walks, National Trust interactive audio experiences, digital tour guides for English Heritage locations are available at Dysart, Fife places, with a AI tour guide to help you get the best from a visit to Dysart, Fife & the surrounding areas.

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Dysart, Fife has places to explore by foot, bike or bus. Below are a selection of the varied Dysart, Fife’s destinations you can visit with additional content available at the Walkfo Dysart, Fife’s information audio spots:

Dysart, Fife photo Thornton Stadium
Thornton Stadium is a greyhound racing track in Thornton, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. The track is independent and therefore not regulated by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. Racing takes place on most Saturdays at 7.30pm.
Dysart, Fife photo Kirkcaldy Town House
Kirkcaldy Town House is a Scandinavian influenced town hall in Fife, Scotland. The current town house was begun in 1937, from a competition-winning design by architects David Carr and William Howard of Edinburgh. The building was completed in two separate phases between 1953 and 1956.
Dysart, Fife photo Path House, Kirkcaldy
Path House, formerly known as Dunnikier House, is a manor house in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. It was listed by Historic Environment Scotland in 1971 as a Category A listed building.
Dysart, Fife photo Ravenscraig Castle
Ravenscraig Castle is a ruined castle located in Kirkcaldy which dates from around 1460. The castle is an early example of artillery defence in Scotland.
Dysart, Fife photo Wemyss Castle
Wemyss Castle (pronounced [weems) is situated on the sea cliffs in Fife, Scotland. It is situated in Wemys on the cliffs between the villages of East and West Wemyss. The castle is located on the coast of Fife.
Dysart, Fife photo Fife Ice Arena
Fife Ice Arena (originally known as Kirkcaldy Ice Rink) opened in 1938. The one-storey building contained seating for 4,500 and cost £37,000 to construct. The building was to have a carcass of steel stanchions and a roof span of 145 feet without any supporting pillars except those at the extremities.

Visit Dysart, Fife plaques

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Dysart, Fife has 3 physical plaques in tourist plaque schemes for you to explore via Walkfo Dysart, Fife plaques audio map when visiting. Plaques like National Heritage’s “Blue Plaques” provide visual geo-markers to highlight points-of-interest at the places where they happened – and Walkfo’s AI has researched additional, deeper content when you visit Dysart, Fife using the app. Experience the history of a location when Walkfo local tourist guide app triggers audio close to each Dysart, Fife plaque. Explore Plaques & History has a complete list of Hartlepool’s plaques & Hartlepool history plaque map.